Order No.  ElvieTR


Beautiful, Innovative and Smart: The winner of more than 12 design and innovation awards.


Elvie Trainer is pelvic floor muscle trainer and tracker via the Elvie app, enabling users to benefit from clinical biofeedback at home.  The Elvie Trainer is placed inside the vagina and connects to an app, guiding you through fun, five-minute workouts.  This is the only pelvic floor exercise device with a force and motion sensor, to detect and correct if you are performing a Valsalva maneuver instead of the correct cranioventral life.  The workouts were created with the support of women's health expects and incorporate clinical recommendations on the need for targeting fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers.  


Over 1000 health and medical professionals around the world recommend Elvie Trainer.  Its unique ability to detect and correct improper technique, means that you won't get into bad habits at home.


Technical specifications


In the box: User manual, Elvie Trainer, optional cover for custom sizing, Micro USB charging cable and wireless charging case

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhones 4S, iPad 3 and Android phones 4.3 and new versions that support Bluetooth Smart / Bluetooth Low Energy

Platform requirements: iOS 7.0+, Android 4.3+

Material: Medical grade silicone

Battery life: 1 hour = 1 month of recommended use

Dimensions: H80 x W35 x D30 mm

Device weight: 25g


Elvie Trainer - Order No. ElvieTR