The Complete Physical Therapy Solution


The MyoTrac Infiniti allows measurement of two channels of high-resolution EMG and provides two channels of electrical stimulation (NMES).  Its intended purpose is to provide biofeedback to the patient for better understanding of relaxation and muscle re-education.  It is also for treatment of acute and ongoing stress, urge or mixed incontinence and other pelvic floor diagnoses.


The MyoTrac Infiniti has been designed by and for physical therapists.  It comes with a clinical guide, explaining the general concepts of the three modalities, the placement of the electrodes and various clinical protocols.


The clinical version of the MyoTrac Infiniti is further enhanced by the powerful BioGraph Infiniti software and its EMG Rehab Suite, which combines dynamic graphics, with analysis and reporting functions. The software proposes various assessment and training protocols with helpful guidelines for beginners, as well as expects. This is an unbelievable systems at a reasonable cost!


Included materials with the purchase of system:  

  • MyoTrac Infiniti (hardware) in a soft carry case with power adapter and stylus
  • Biograph Infiniti software, tutorials, USB cable and Rehab Suite
  • Starter supplies include (3) unigel electrodes (2) DIN adapter cables, (1) bag of 4 Din to snap adapters, (1) zeroing cable and (1) bag of 4 AxelGaard Electrodes 5x5cm Sq


MyoTrac Infiniti with Biograph Software - Order No. T9850