U-Control Kit - Order No. T8825KS
This product comes complete with the home unit (order no. T8825), cable for external surface placement (order no. SA8820), and electrodes (order no. 3SG3-N) .

The U-Control is a single channel home EMG trainer that runs on a convenient 9 Volt battery. It has LED lights and sound tones to cue the patient to "work" or "rest" for 5 or 10 seconds. The U-Control comes with adjustable threshold settings and volume control. This small but powerful unit is perfect for patients trying to re-educate their pelvic floor muscles for better urinary or fecal control.
**Please note that a Patient Prescription Verification Form (if the buyer is a patient) or Clinician Verification Form (if the buyer is a clinician) must be submitted before shipment confirmation can begin.

**If you have already submitted your form from ordering another item, please disregard previous message.

U-Control Kit w/cable - Order No. T8825KC