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 Amielle Comfort Vaginal Dilator Set

Order No. SM2100

The Amielle Comfort assists women experiencing vaginal discomfort from vaginismus, dyspareunia, gynaecological surgery or trauma following childbirth.


Includes: 5 sizes, case, lubricating gel, cleaning brush

Size 0 : 7cm x 15mm (2 ¾”x5/8”)

Size 1: 9cm x 20mm (3 ½”x3/4”)

Size 2: 11cm x 25mm (4 ¼”x1”)

Size 3: 14cm x 30mm (5 ½”x1 ¼”)

Size 4: 16cm x 35mm (6 ¼”x1 ½”)



Non Prescription


Order No. L3-010-0001

Make your pelvic floor exercises fun with kGoal, a revolutionary exercise system for female pelvic floor muscles.  It is designed with a unique squeezable pillow that can adjust its size to fit your body.  kGoal senses as you squeeze your muscles to provide real-time tactile biofeedback.  You will be able to guide your workout and track your progress with the free kGoal app.  This exerciser is made from medical grade material and is USB rechargeable.  Whether you're driven by pregnancy, athletics, or better sex, a strong pelvic floor is a key part of a healthy body. 




StepFree Weighted Cones

Order No. SFC

SFC consists of five (5) graduated weights and one medical-grade plastic cone. This weighed system allows patients to add any resistance as they feel necessary. SFC provides a sensory aid that helps identify the pelvic floor muscles. This system can improve bladder control for many women in 4-6 weeks.

Glamour Article Featuring SFC

StepFree Daily Exercise Program




Order No. 70050-205

The Educator provides an extremely simple and effective solution to help improve pelvic floor muscle strength and eliminate incontinence problems. Its unique design allows it to follow the movement of the internal walls of the vagina, which indicates how the pelvic floor are being contracted.



The Feminine Personal Trainer

Order No. FPT

FPT is the first and only product to apply resistant weight training for the pelvic floor muscle for kegel exercise. The smooth, contoured shape automatically positions itself and the size and calculated weight actually causes a “reflex contraction”. This system includes a discreet carrying pouch, step by step instructions and a tracking chart for measuring progress.



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