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GSR/Temp 2X Biofeedback System - T2120M


The T2120 GSR Sensor kit measures minute changes in skin pore size and sweat gland activity (Galvanic Skin Response) or peripheral temperature as they relate to tension.  The GSR Temp 2X also includes a temperature sensor for monitoring heat levels in fingers.  Stress reduces blood flow to the hands, causing cooling.  The GSR/Temp 2X home biofeedback system allows you to do "hand warming" biofeedback.  In addition to the GSR 2 monitor, the system includes a temperature sensor, remote electrodes that attach to the hands or feet, dual-sensitivity meter, earphone, instruction manual and a CD with a short relaxation program. 


For monitoring skin resistance, place your fingers on the sensing plates, or attach the remote sensors and slowly turn the dial on the GSR 2 until the meter needle centers.  The meter moves counterclockwise as you relax.  The numbers have no specific meaning in this mode, but can be used to note change both in direction and "intensity".  For users whose GSR changes rapidly, switching to the 1/2 sensitivity setting on the dual sensitivity meter doubles the training range and decreases frequent resetting of the dial.



  • GSR2
  • GSR remote finger sensors
  • Reverse temperature sensor
  • Dual Sensitivity analog meter
  • An alcohol thermometer
  • Earphone plug (8 ohms)
  • GSR2 Biofeedback Relaxation Training CD (English)
  • Operator instructions (English)
  • 9V battery 



  • Skin resistance range 1,000 oms - 3,000,000 ohms
  • Variable frequency range 0 to 40,000 Hz
  • Protected Pin input jack for thermistor and GSR sensors

GSR/Temp 2X B.F System - Order No. T2120M

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