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Order No. T9000

The complete solution for Biofeedback and Electricalstimulation 


The MyOnyx device is a portable, rechargeable device for surface EMG biofeedback and electricalstimulation which offers three functionality modes:


  1. Standalone - Estim only
  2. Remote control - using the free MyOnyx Android app (Estim and surface EMG)
  3. PC Controlled with Windows software -using the BioGraph Infiniti with the MyOnyx Rehab Suite  


MyOnyx Features

  • Wireless connectivity to Android tablets and Windows PCs via Bluetooth
  • 8GB of internal memory to save patient sessions and custom protocols
  • 4 inputs with multiple combinations of sEMG and e-stim channels
  • Separate patient drive lead for shared ground
  • Comes with preset e-stim programs
  • Dual Exercise mode allows you to run two STIM programs at the same time
  • Allows users to edit/customize e-stim programs
  • Ability to run STIM sessions without selecting a patient (tap and go)
  • Ability to daisy-chain 4 devices for up-to 16 channels of E-stim
  • Inside the device, raw EMG is sampled 2048 times/second
  • Using the Android app, EMG is displaced in RMS
  • Using the MyOnyx Rehab Suite, the display can be raw EMG or RMS 

MyOnyx w/Rehab Suite

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