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Order No. 4520
The MEP (Multiple Electrode Probe) sensor has the unique ability to simultaneously monitor the EMG activity of the proximal EAS (external anal sphincter), and distal EAS and levator ani muscle. Because of its small size, the MEP is ideal for use with children. Also, because the MEP measures activity in the area of the deeper EAS and levator ani muscle, it is appropriate for use in the evaluation and treatment of patients with female stress urinary incontinence.

**Please note that a Patient Prescription Verification Form (if the buyer is a patient) or Clinician Verification Form (if the buyer is a clinician) must be submitted before shipment confirmation can begin.

**If you are already a member of our website, or have already submitted your form from ordering another item, please disregard the previous message.

MEP SenseRx Sensor - Order No. 4520

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