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Order No. 4509
SenseRx Vaginal Sensor is single user internal sensor designed for EMG or e-stim.  These sensors are the only internal sensors with extensive documentation of clinical efficacy and have been cited in numerous medical texts and peer-reviewed journal articles. With the best "fit and finish" of any internal sensor, these remain the quality standard. The electrode metal plates on the sensor are longitudinal. This helps to maintain the proper orientation to muscle fibers for highest accuracy. SenseRx sensors can be patient-inserted and patients can remain fully clothed during treatments.
(The picture shows both vaginal and rectal)

**Please note that a Patient Prescription Verification Form (if the buyer is a patient) or Clinician Verification Form (if the buyer is a clinician) must be submitted before shipment confirmation can begin.

SenseRx Vaginal Sensor - Order No. 4509

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