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Thought Technology (TTL)

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TTL Vaginal Sensor (EMG only)

Order No. T6050

For use with TTL units #T8825, #T9850 and # T9920



TTL Rectal Sensor (EMG only)

Order No. T6051

For use with TTL units #T8825, #T9850 and #T9920



TTL Vaginal EMG/Stim Sensor

Order No. SA9572

*requires #T9801 for use

For use with #T9850



TTL Rectal EMG/Stim sensor

Order No. SA9571

*requires #T9801 for use

For use with #T9850




The Prometheus Group

Pathway Vaginal EMG/Stim Sensor  Order No. 6330

For use with #STM-10, #8610 and #9710

(Pathway Adapter # 3660 required for #8610 and #9710)



Pathway Rectal EMG/Stim Sensor  Order No. 6340

For use with #STM-10, #8610 and #9710

(Pathway Adapter #3660 required for #8610 and #9710)



Pathway Vaginal/Rectal Sensor

Order No. 6320

For use with #8610 and #9710

(Pathway Adapter # 3660 required)




Utah Medical (Liberty)

Liberty Vaginal Exerciser

Order No. PFS-041 

For use with # PFS-200



Liberty Vaginal Extended Handle

Order No. PFS-042

For use with # PFS-200



Liberty Rectal Exerciser

Order No. PFS-043

For use with # PFS-200


$ 85.00

Personal Med

SenseRx Vaginal EMG/Stim Sensor

Order No. 4509



SenseRx Rectal EMG/Stim Sensor

Order No. 4510



MEP Dual-Site Anal Sensor for EMG Rehab  Order No. 4520

The MEP simultaneously measures EMG activity of the proximal and distal external anal sphincter.  Its small size makes it ideal for pediatric use.  This sensor is particularly useful for post-prostatectomy patients in that it allows biofeedback to be "targeted" to the muscles that provides tonic support of the bladder neck to maintain passive continence.



IVS-2 Intravaginal EMG Sensor

Order No. 4525

The IVS-2 is the smallest and most comfortable female EMG sensor available. The gold detection plates is a non-polarizing material that provides consistently superior measurements and is also hypoallergenic.  The IVS-2 also allows measurement during voiding, allowing it to be used for both urodynamic diagnosis and biofeedback treatment.



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